4 adults playing with lego and planning poker cards at an agile training workshop

LGA Digital Housing Programme

The homelessness triage tool has been updated to comply with the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017, and is now being used by all local authorities in Kent. Please do let us know if you think any further changes should be made to this tool.

The LGA are now funding five authorities – Aylesbury Vale, Brighton and Hove, Exeter, Luton and Milton Keynes – to deliver similar digital housing tools. They are also funding the SDS team to support these projects through regular telephone calls and a series of six workshops across the year exploring topics such taking an agile project approach, the importance of collecting data, doing user research at the discovery phase and carrying out user testing during development. As well as being an opportunity for the SDS team to share their experiences and learn from other councils outside Kent this is also the type of income generating work the team are looking to do more of to ensure we can keep our partner’s contributions as low as possible.

The LGA and participating councils enjoyed our practical Agile exercise, using lego to illustrate the key principles of Agile working. Let us know if you’d like us to deliver this workshop at your council.