Re-designing your business processes

Capturing and analysing your business processes can reveal hidden difficulties. We work collaboratively with all teams involved to capture the current ‘as-is’ end-to-end process and develop LEAN ‘to-be’ processes that are more efficient, encouraging automation and self service.

Collecting baseline data

The SDS team can analyse existing data and assist with the collation of data to assess current performance and develop cost to serve estimates.

Stakeholder engagement

The SDS team can help you capture exactly how the service works, mapping out the current or ‘as-is’ process, pinpointing areas for improvement and identifying quick-wins that can be implemented.

Process analysis

Having captured the current or ‘as-is’ process the SDS team begin to challenge this. We can carry out further root cause analysis, identifying roadblocks and prioritising issues to resolve. We can also carry out best practice research to see how other local authorities or the private sector deliver the service.