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MHS Homes embrace Global Accessibility Awareness Day


It isn’t just councils that are working hard on improving accessibility. MHS Homes, the largest independent social landlord in the UK, recognise their responsibility towards their residents, tenants, staff, and customers. They have embarked on a transformative campaign to promote digital accessibility awareness across their entire organisation.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day:

Setting the stage for their initiative, MHS Homes chose Global Accessibility Awareness Day on the 18th of May as the opportunity to launch their awareness campaign. This day was the perfect moment to engage with their staff. The aim was to achieve a greater understanding of digital accessibility why it is important to deliver an inclusive experience to customers.

MHS Homes invited all their staff to participate in training sessions and visit their accessibility empathy lab and demonstrate the importance of creating accessible content and digital services that are easy for everyone to use. The underlying message throughout the campaign was clear: an accessible digital environment leads to a better experience for all users. By making digital content and services easily navigable for individuals with disabilities or other conditions, MHS Homes aimed to create a seamless and inclusive online experience for their diverse audience.

Digital accessibility empathy lab

How Smarter Digital Services (SDS) helped:

SDS conducted four comprehensive training sessions throughout the day, covering a range of topics from “An Introduction to Digital Accessibility” to “How to Create an Accessible Document in Word.” These sessions equipped MHS staff with the knowledge and tools necessary to implement digital accessibility principles in their day-to-day work.

MHS Homes’ commitment to digital accessibility is a testament to their dedication to their residents, tenants, and customers. By celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day along with their partnership with SDS, they demonstrated how every staff member plays a pivotal role in achieving an inclusive digital environment. As other organisations take inspiration from MHS Homes’ efforts, we can look forward to a future where accessibility becomes a norm rather than an exception.The digital accessibility empathy lab