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New Public Sector Cyber Security Awareness E-Learning Course

Smarter Digital Services have joined forces with Kent Connects and NLAWARP to bring you a cutting-edge Cyber Security Awareness e-learning course.

This course isn’t just about learning; it’s about empowering individuals to stand strong against cyber-attacks.

Why Choose Our Course?

We blend e-learning with real-life scenarios, providing practical skills to safeguard data. During the course you will meet people such as Rachel, a community engagement officer who is not sure what to do with the personal data she collects; Jamal a project Manager who is working in a coffee shop and needs to know what to do when he leaves his lap top in a public place; and Meera an Admin Assistant who fears she may have just become a victim of a phishing email.

To equip you and your teams with the skills you need to fend off cyber-attacks effectively, the course contains six sections:

  • Protecting information.
  • What are cyber threats.
  • Steps to avoid cyber attacks.
  • Password security.
  • Cyber security best practices.
  • What to do when it goes wrong.

Aimed at all staff members, the course ensures comprehensive protection across your organisation. It is accessible to all, regardless of organisation size.

Always up to date

Built by local authorities for local authorities, the course ensures the latest information at all times. We can also provide quick updates for emerging threats or technologies, keeping you fortified.

Tried and tested

The course has been comprehensively tested and is already being used by other local authorities including Kent County Council, Sevenoaks District Council and Wealden District Council.

Flexible Access Options

You can access via our Connect-to-Learn platform for seamless learning. Alternatively, we can provide the course as a SCORM file so you can integrate the training into your own Learning Management System effortlessly.

Experience a sneak peek

Curious about the course? Here is a quick demo showcasing the course in action:

More information available on our e-learning website page.

Join our Cyber Security Awareness e-learning course today and empower yourself, your team, your organisation against ever-evolving cyber threats.

If you are an SDS partner the course is available to you now, free of charge.

If you are not a partner, you can request a quote or contact us for more information.