Developing and testing user focused digital solutions

We can help you to identify the best digital solution for you and your customers. SDS will support you to implement the solution, develop standard operating procedures and facilitate training. We can also help to develop performance monitoring frameworks and evaluate the impact of your transformation projects.

End to end digital service design

The SDS team can facilitate workshops with staff and key stakeholders to develop the ‘ideal’ service process, with emphasis on meeting user needs, self service, automation, reducing face to face or telephone contact and delivering a user focused end to end digital service.

Best practice research

The team are always learning from other authorities, central government and the private sector. Understanding other authorities’ lessons learnt is valuable information.

Create and develop innovative solutions

After identifying the best digital solution, the team can help to create a business case, evaluating potential risks, carrying out a cost-benefit analysis and assist  in developing your digital solutions. The team is able to help to co-ordinate partnership working to access partnership grants and carry out joint procurement.

Usability testing and continuous development

The SDS team can carry out user testing on prototypes and feedback recommendations for improvements to ensure that the tools are meeting users needs and expectations.