E-learning courses

Cyber Security Awareness

Smarter Digital Services and Kent Connects jointly developed this Cyber Security Awareness course aimed at staff of all levels within your public sector organisation.

It covers why we need to protect information, what steps we can take to avoid cyber attacks and what to do when things go wrong. We explore potential solutions to real life scenarios to equip you and your teams with the skills you need to fend off cyber-attacks effectively.

An introduction to digital accessibility

If you are new to digital accessibility or would like a quick refresh, this is the session for you.

This course is aimed at all staff, we explain what digital accessibility is and why it is so important for you and your service users. We explore the challenges people can face when accessing services online and we cover what you need to know to start making a difference.

How to create an accessible document in Word

If you write documents that get published as PDFs on a website or intranet, this session will help you to ensure your documents are accessible to everyone.

It covers all the basics of accessible PDF creation with practical demonstration tutorials to support creators in creating and publishing accessible PDFs.

The demonstration tutorials can be revisited at any time during a learner’s subscription giving them an opportunity to review and embed their learning.

Writing for your customers

Whether you’re drafting emails, crafting blog posts, writing letters, or creating any kind of content for your service users, the way you convey your message matters.

This course is aimed at anyone relying on their writing skills to communicate with their customers. We explore how well we understand our audience, if we are using our customers language and the advantages of using Plain English to keep our content simple and concise.

If you are a partner, you have unlimited access to all of our e-learning courses.

If you are not a partner, we can provide a quote for you and colleagues to access the e-learning courses.