Understanding your customers

Do you know your customers? Do you understand their needs?  Not knowing means that you will consistently fail to give your customers what they need.

Really understanding your customers’ experiences and needs can save you time, money and ensure a better customer experience. We can carry out interviews, focus groups and user testing sessions to help you to see your services through their eyes and discovering new ways to meet their needs and expectations.

Customer contact reviews

The SDS team can carry out reviews of customer contact and gather data to help you understand who your customers are, what they are contacting you about, when they are contacting you, how they are contacting you and how much this is costing you.

User research

The SDS team engage with service users to gain a deep understanding of their experiences, feelings and emotions when accessing services. We work to understand the entire end to end customer journey and capture key user nedds and insights.

Usability testing

Through observational usability testing, SDS can provide valuable feedback and recommendations for improvements to websites, communications and digital services. Usability tests are conducted with your own customers using realistic scenarios to assess customer satisfaction in your services.

Web analytics

Although many local authorities collect data on face to face and telephone contact, fewer authorities collect data about their digital channel performance. This is something the SDS team can help you to explore through the use of web analytics.

“Through the stakeholder consultation exercise that SDS undertook, we now have a much better understanding of what our letters and bills look like through the eyes of our customers. Together with this insight and the comprehensive report/recommendations SDS produced, we now have a roadmap to help us deliver meaningful improvements.”

Revenues & Benefits

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