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A Summer of Accessibility

We were really excited to be a part of this years Summer of Accessibility. Once again we teamed up with Kent Connects to deliver a fantastic series of free webinars held every Wednesday in June 2023.

Whether you’re new to digital accessibility or want to enhance your existing knowledge, our webinars offer a range of topics suitable for everyone.

Each 45 minute session featured a 5-minute introduction by someone who has been personally impacted by digital accessibility.

All the webinars are now available on our Youtube Channel for free.

Digital Accessibility Back to Basics (including WCAG 2.2)

This webinar covers what digital accessibility is and why it is so important for you and your service users. It looks at the challenges people can face when accessing your content online and what the latest guidelines say we all need to be doing to make sure our information is reaching everyone.

Five things you can do today to make your website content more accessible

We will provide you with a short guide on the top tips to make your website more accessible. These tips are based on the most common areas where websites don’t meet accessibility standards. The webinar is designed to be brief and easy to understand, and it’s suitable for website content contributors, web developers, and anyone who is new to accessibility.

Mastering accessible online documents

Write a document, convert to a PDF, publish on your website – job done! But can everyone access that document? Very unlikely. In fact, a lot of your crucial information could be getting lost. Join us as we explore some of the problems people may have accessing your documents. We will share some top tips for improving the accessibility of your documents that everyone can do while they are writing the document.

More than the web – The art of accessible social media and presentations

Do you write social media? Or give presentations? Can everyone access these? This free webinar will help you to make your social media documents and presentations accessible for everyone. We will discuss emoijs, how many hashtags are ideal, presentation settings and techniques, different platforms and more. We will also explore some new tools from Microsoft.