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Our Courses: A Learning Pool Case Study

We are delighted that Learning Pool recently featured us in a case study that showcases the strides we have made with our digital accessibility work and e-learning courses

How it all started

We started working with Learning Pool in 2021 when together with Kent Connects, we decided to develop the narrated bitesize training videos we had crafted during the COVID pandemic, into more engaging and interactive e-learning experiences.

Creating and sharing the courses

With Learning Pool’s Adapt Builder, we brought our ideas to life, creating our first two courses ‘An introduction to digital accessibility’ and ‘How to create an accessible document in Word’.

We then shared these courses with our partners as SCORM files, ready to be integrated into their own learning management systems. However, recognising that not all our partners had their own learning management systems, we again teamed up with Kent Connects and Learning Pool to create our own e-learning platform – ‘connect-to-learn’.

Hybrid training the perfect blend

We are continuing to deliver many live training sessions, offered either in person or remotely. The great thing is that now we can capture these live sessions and add them onto our e-learning platform. This means people can choose their own learning journey. It’s the best of both worlds – you can opt for live courses, e-learning, or even combine the two. It’s all about suiting your unique learning style.

Glowing feedback

The feedback we have had on the e-learning from staff and managers has been fantastic. Many local authorities have even made our courses mandatory. Demand for more courses is soaring and we are gearing up to introduce three more courses to our platform this autumn: ‘writing for your customers, ‘creating effective content’ and ‘cyber security awareness’.

If you would like to find out more about our training and e-learning offering, please get in touch.