Homeless person with a cardboard sign

Housing advice website customer journey analysis

Sevenoaks District Council requested an analysis of their housing advice web pages with an emphasis on improving how customers reach specific housing forms. We created personas to illustrate the customer journey for a customer who would be homeless tonight and a person who could be homeless in 56 days. SDS conducted a google analytics report across the housing advice web pages. This showed which pages were getting visitors, where those customers originated from and where they went next. This work was to build a better understanding of customers’ expectations.

SDS researched other local authorities housing advice pages to gain an understanding of best practice. From,these examples, we were able to demonstrate how to improve the current customer journey for customers. Changing the menu hierarchy of the housing advice pages will enable customers to access relevant forms in a simple and intuitive way.

SDS recommended applying ‘Next Steps’ and ‘What will happen next’ principles to manage customers’ expectations. The methodology behind this piece of work could be applied to other services in local authorities, eg. planning, benefits, licensing.

Please contact SDS if you would like us to analyse your services and deliver recommendations for improvements.