Stylized chatbot photo of mobile phone with robot reply

Chatbot Customer Frustrations

Chatbots are capable of supporting key service areas. In particular, they are aimed at high-contact areas with repetitive enquiry types. Also, chatbots can improve the user experience by providing a seamless journey

The key requirements for a chatbot in local government:

  • Able to answer the top 20 questions per council department.
  • Authenticate the customer before providing an answer.
  • Able to take payments.
  • Support media – for example, the customer is able to upload photos to support their fly-tipping report.

Yet, poorly designed chatbots that are unable to understand customer queries, lack empathy and intelligence cause customer frustration and dissatisfaction.

  • Clumsy conversation.
  • Misunderstood requests.
  • Over-reliance on chatbots.
  • Impersonal.
  • Time-consuming.

Infographic of the top 5 frustrations of chatbots.