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Housing Register – User Research

The SDS team have been working with the Local Government Association (LGA) in order to deliver six workshops (ranging from user research and user testing to developing a comms plan) to benefit five of their partners who have received funding to deliver digital housing and homelessness services to their residents, like the project delivered across Kent in 2017.

We have recently assisted Luton Council with carrying out user research specifically engaging with their residents to find out their experiences when approaching Luton Council to join the Housing Register.

On conclusion of the user research, we ran an interactive feedback session in Luton where we reviewed each of the six customer journeys identifying and discussing the user needs, the user insights, as well as the further questions for future user research.

The findings from the user research, in particularly the user needs identified, will be used to form the requirements for the delivery of the digital housing and homelessness solutions.

In the feedback workshop we also designed a ‘to be’ process for how the functionality within the digital solution so that the team at Luton had a visual representation of what they wanted to deliver at the end of the project.