Dartford Borough Council website homepage

Website content analysis user testing

Dartford Borough Council were already awarded with a 4-star rating from Socitm for their website, but the council wanted to gain user perspectives.

SDS tested the website with live users for ease of navigation, user-friendliness, the language and tone as well as the look and feel of the website. SDS engaged with 5 service areas, Enforcement and Regulatory, Waste, Housing, Planning and Environmental Health to test their website content.

Overall, the users found it easy to locate the information, with some scenarios being more difficult than others. The website content on all the web pages was very informative and detailed but this meant there was lots of text to navigate through. SDS identified that if the content was not evident and intuitive to find, the user would resort to phoning or visiting the council.

For the first time, SDS conducted their user testing on both a mobile device and desktop. SDS observed a clear difference in navigating through the website. On mobile devices, users would often visit more webpages and skim through content quicker than they would on a desktop. In addition, the search bar was more prominent on a mobile and therefore, more users utilised this function, which was particularly useful to find specific content. In fact, one user used their voice to search the website instead of typing in search terms.