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Skype for Business Research and Focus Groups with Stakeholders

SDS have reached the half-way point in the Skype for Business project. The key aim of the project for the MKS partnership (Mid Kent Service – Maidstone, Swale and Tunbridge Wells Borough Councils) was to capture and analyse feedback from staff and other data sources to assess how well the partnership is utilising Skype for Business and what more can be done to maximise the benefits the service can provide teams.

The project started with Phase One; to assess the current Skype for Business usage amongst different teams and departments within the partnership. Skype for Business usage data was collated and evaluated. And from this analysis, teams and departments were identified to engage with further in focus groups as part of Phase Three.

Phase two of the project was to research into good practices of Skype for Business and identify positive case studies of how Skype for Business has been used effectively. As part of the research, SDS also identified alternative uses for Skype for Business outside of local government as well as within the public sector.

Additionally, as part of Phase 3 of the project, SDS have been running a series of focus groups to engage with MKS staff. The aims of the focus groups are to understand the differences in usages between departments as well as within the partnership. The feedback from users alongside the analysis of the available business data will allow SDS to help MKS evaluate if the expected business from using Skype for Business have been realised.