Citizen Portal research document covers

Cambridge City Council – User testing & citizen portal account research

Cambridge contacted SDS to use the team’s expertise to conduct a series of user tests on a selection of their online citizen self-service web forms.

Cambridge wanted to explore the customer experience of transacting with the council via the self-service web forms to gain feedback as to how users feel when carrying out a specific task or transaction.

The user testing captured and highlighted:

  • The user journey from the start of the transaction on the council website, the transition to external web forms from the council website through to completion of the transaction
  • How users felt while carrying out the transaction and on conclusion
  • How satisfied the user was with the experience and outcome
  • How a user completes a specific transaction or request
  • Whether the specific transaction is completed successfully
  • How long it takes for the user to complete the transaction
  • Identify any changes or improvements that can be made from the users perspective

Additionally, CCC were interested in reviewing the merits of using a Citizen Portal Account.

SDS carried out interviews both within and outside of the partnership as well as conducted considerable research to get a broad scope of knowledge on the advantages and disadvantages of the use of a Citizen Portal Account.

The positive and the negative experiences of introducing a Citizen Portal Account at various Local Authorities around the country were presented back to CCC via a report.

If any of our partners are interested in this research, please let us know and we can provide information from the report.