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Process Capture for Customer Services Team

Process Capture for Customer Services Team at Ashford Borough Council

One of the projects that forms ABC’s Digital Programme is to review processes that come into the Customer Services Team for each service area.

Many changes have taken place over the last few years and so the aim of this project is to explore whether current processes are still fit for purpose, whether they can be digitised or indeed whether they are still needed.

ABC asked SDS to support them with this work, starting with the Environmental and Land Management service area.

Weekly process capture sessions.
We worked closely with the Customer Services team and the Environmental and Land management team over a series of weekly sessions and captured 39 different processes. The sessions were delivered through MS Teams using Skore software to capture the processes as we discussed them.

The processes included signing up for garden waste, ordering a replacement food caddy, reporting fly tipping, requesting an allotment, transferring grave ownership and many more.

For each one we captured the different roles and systems involved and the details of the activity taking place at every step in the process.

From initial customer contact through to the service area.
We started from the point of initial customer contact, which in many cases was multiple: phone call, online form, email, app etc. We then followed the process through every activity the customer services team completed, including taking payments or giving refunds, before handing over to the service area.

This piece of work really helped to kickstart the project and in the New Year we will be supporting Ashford staff to run their own process capture workshops.

‘This project exceeded my expectations. The workshops went extremely well with great team working and sharing of knowledge and enthusiasm on all sides.’
ABC, Customer Services Operations Manager

If you are looking to review any of your business processes then please do get in touch.