Image of help for kent landlords website

A new support website created for Kent landlords

Kent Housing Group recently won a bid from Kent County Council to support landlords who are suffering rent arrears problems that have built up as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

SDS were commissioned to build a website aimed at landlords and giving advice about how local housing authorities can support them to avoid having to take eviction action. The website also directs landlords to their relevant local authority to get specific contact details to request assistance.

During the discovery phase, SDS carried out user research with landlords by interviewing them to establish their needs and find out what they would hope to find on the support website. We then built the website to incorporate those user needs.

Prior to launch, SDS user tested the website with four private landlords who had no previous knowledge about the available financial assistance and feedback from those landlords was incorporated into the website.

SDS will maintain the website on an ongoing basis, looking after the technical aspects and assisting the team with content updates.