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Development of the Kent Homechoice Homelessness Triage Tool

Project Outcome: Anyone who is homeless or is concerned about becoming homeless can access helpful information quickly and easily and at any time.

Kent Homechoice commissioned SDS to develop a new and updated version of the Kent Homechoice Homelessness Triage Tool to better meet housing officer needs and the needs of the customer (or anyone who is homeless or is concerned about becoming homeless).

Initially, SDS held a discovery workshop with housing officers from various local authorities in Kent. We established what changes were required to the existing tool to bring it up to date with current legislation. This created a simpler framework that would be easier for customers to follow.

The project moved onto the design and build phase where the existing tool was completely rewritten based on user needs. This included creating new content, re-ordering pages and questions, supplying new/updated information, FAQs, etc.

SDS created a prototype of the updated tool and tested it with housing officers and frontline staff. We used WordPress for the build so that Kent Homechoice could manage and update the tool themselves.

Once the tool was ready to deliver, SDS reviewed each council’s homelessness web pages and advised the best placement on the website to maximise the uptake and use of the tool by customers.

SDS also set up google analytics and trained Kent Homechoice in how to track performance.

During the handover phase to Kent Homechoice, SDS provided training and guidance on how to edit and update the tool to minimise ongoing management costs.