Homeless male with a bag of items sitting on a rock by a wall

Preparing for the Homelessness Reduction Act

On the 13th February, we facilitated a workshop with Ashford customer services and housing options officers to agree and map out the required process that will meet both user needs and the needs of the new Homelessness Reduction Act legislation that comes into force in April this year.

We captured insights from the existing process before discussing the key changes in legislation and identifying the user needs of two Ashford personas – Alice and Ella-Louise.

We then mapped out the end-to-end process for Alice who had been given her section 21 notice and was due to be homeless in a few months. We then did the same for Ella-Louise who was a victim of domestic violence and homeless that night.

We looked at the whole process from the point of initial contact with the customer services team, through to the housing officers and eventually to Alice and Ella-Louise being in accommodation.