How to create an accessible document in Word

This course gives basic tips and practical demonstration tutorials showing how to create accessible documents in Word before publishing as a PDF on a website or intranet.

Course contents:

– How to create accessible online PDFs using Word.

– Practical demonstrations of accessibility issues in Word and how to tackle them:

  • Using heading styles correctly
  • Making hyperlinks accessible
  • Avoiding the use of blank spaces or lines to create space
  • Formatting tables
  • Creating accessible images and charts
  • Avoiding floating objects
  • Using the Word Accessibility checker
  • Adding meta data
  • Publishing as an accessible PDF

The demonstration tutorials can be revisited at any time during a learner’s subscription giving them an opportunity to review and embed their learning.

This course is aimed at all staff. 

You can access our courses via our Connect-to-learn platform. Alternatively, we can provide the courses as SCORM files so that you can integrate the training into your own Learning Management System.

Overview of the course:

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