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The SDS team worked with Shepway District Council to identify a more efficient way to process applications to hold events in public places.


The SDS team worked with Shepway District Council to identify a more efficient way to process applications to hold events in public places.




The existing application service was multifaceted, involving many different stakeholders forming the Safety Advisory Group – the council, the police, fire service, highway agency etc. Applications took a long time to process and there was a heavy reliance on internal administration, which was proving challenging to Shepway District Council.


Additionally, SDS were tasked with looking to enhance the user experience and improve customer satisfaction with the application service, reducing the long turnaround times that applicants were experiencing.


What we did


Map ‘as-is’ process and review events policy and procedures

  • Assess proportion of applications processed within recommended deadlines
  • Identify average wait times within the process
  • Analyse the cost to serve for each application
  • Identify areas for automation and improvement

Customer and Stakeholder engagement

  • Interviews with internal and external stakeholders to capture ‘as-is’ feedback of the current service
  • Ensure all internal and external stakeholders feel engaged and buy into change
  • Opportunity to further identify areas for improvement

Research good practice in other authorities

  • Contacting other Authorities to gain an understanding if different practices
  • Cases of good practise identified and researched
  • Different online platforms explored


Identifying the requirements


There were specific requirements that were identified as part of the work SDS carried out.


These requirements were grouped into four distinct areas.


1 The need for simplification of the existing process.


2 The ability for an applicant to be able to track the progress of their event application.


3 The ability for applicants and internal and external stakeholders from the Safety Advisory Group to be able to request, monitor and plan events.


4 Provide better and more robust communication channels between applicants and both internal and external stakeholders from the Safety Advisory Group.


With these clear requirements Shepway District Council were able to develop a business case for using an online platform and approached Event App.


Delivery of Event App


  • Event applicants have their own account within Event App.
  • Applicants can review the status of their application (New, Info Request, Resubmitted, Current, Conditional Approval & Completed).
  • Direct communication between internal and external stakeholders and event applicants.
  • One centralised area where all applications are stored, monitored and approved.Messages (sent in the form of an e-mail) can be sent to and from each interested party.
  • Reminders (have the appearance of a notification) can be set to each application.
  • Accessible anytime providing the user has a log in.
  • Online form to check required documents are there before allowing submission.
  • User details retained within own account.
  • Calendar to view, request, plan and monitor all events.
  • Council can upload all possible event locations into the application.
  • Take payment for the event.
  • Issue a permit via the application.
  • Generate Reports within the App.


The Results


  • Reduction in the time spent by the Event Officer acting as the go between for the Event applicant and the Safety Advisory Group members.
  • The Safety Advisory Group member can directly give further assistance if there is an issue with the application.
  • The Safety Advisory Group member can request further information directly from the applicant if necessary.


22 November 2016
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Folkestone & Hythe District Council