Training and workshops

Our bite-sized practical courses are all designed to help you to achieve your digital ambitions.

For our partners, we offer free places on our training and development courses. For non-partners, we are happy to provide a quote for places on the courses.

Current training courses

Our training and development courses cover:

Understanding your customers’ experiences and needs is a crucial starting point for any project.

Course covers:

  • Why user research is so critical
  • How to carry out your own user research
  • Recruiting, designing questions, interviewing and analysing
  • Helpful tools, templates and tips

Seeing your web pages, online forms and transactions through your customers’ eyes is always very revealing.

Course covers:

  • Why and when to do user testing
  • How to carry out your own user testing
  • Recruiting, designing scenarios, the test and feedback
  • Helpful tools, templates and tips
  • What we have learnt from users

Make life easier for your staff and customers by redesigning your business processes.

Course covers:

  • How to run business process capture workshops
  • Ways to analyse your current business process
  • How to design an improved end to end process
  • Helpful tools from LEAN Methodologies

Behaviour change techniques can be used to encourage your customers to take the action you want.

Course covers:

  • How to encourage customers to change their behaviour
  • Nudge
  • EAST
  • Simple yet incredibly effective changes to letters, emails and website content

Could you work in a more agile way to deliver projects that meet your customer and business needs?

Course covers:

  • Introduction to agile ways of working
  • Agile ‘V’ traditional project management
  • Customer and business needs
  • Project backlogs
  • Planning poker
  • Spring planning and reviews

Are you effectively analysing and utilising your data?

Course covers:

  • Capturing baseline data
  • Data analysis
  • Key metrics
  • Cost to serve
  • Digital take-up
  • Measuring success

Open your site to the widest possible audience by making it accessible to everyone.

Course covers:

  • Why does accessibility matter?
  • What barriers do users with disabilities face in accessing digital or other services?
  • Overview of 8 Principles of Accessibility for website design
  • Optimising the code
  • PDF accessibility

Take a consistent approach to content design, ensuring that content is relevant, easy to find and easy to understand.

Course covers:

  • How to make sure content meets the needs of your users
  • How to drive users towards your content
  • Writing in your customers’ language
  • Highlighting important information
  • Using GDS design standards

Identify and streamline content areas of your website for maximum usability.

Course covers:

  • Find out your top tasks
  • Analyse visits to specific services
  • Highlight areas with poor findability
  • Identify popular and least popular pages
  • How to use that data to improve services

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