spider diagram of usage of a website - how to recycle or dispose of your rubbish

Website Information Architecture

SDS have been using a range of tools to assist Tunbridge Wells Borough Council with their website redesign project. Starting with a first click analysis, we were able to identify customers’ first movements when visiting the prototype homepage. Following on from this, a card sort analysis identified how customers grouped content into categories and how they would name each category. This was instrumental in understanding how our customers organise the website content. A final tree sort analysis gave us an insight into evaluating the findability of content on the website.

Using this analysis we are able to progress to the next stage of developing the full website structure which will then go on to inform the design and layout of pages.

If any of our partners are starting out on their website redesign journey, SDS can assist with this initial discovery work to build typical customer journeys using a variety of scenarios. Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more about this project.