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Sending effective text messages

An SMS notification system can be an effective method for local authorities to send updates and reminders to a large audience quickly.

Tailoring the delivery of messages can increase open and read rates as well as engagement with the message. Research from Accengage shows that:

Emoji’s increase reaction rates by 20%.

Adding emoji’s into notification messages can enable users to retain their interest as opposed to abandoning the message.

Rich formats increase reaction rates by 25%.

Rich format messages can support photos, videos and GIFs to increase the likelihood of high click-through rates.

Tailoring send times for each user increases reaction rates by 40%.

Communicating with the user during key times in the customer journey can increase engagement with the message.

Advanced targeting can increase reaction rates threefold.

Segmenting audience to target messages to individuals increases the likelihood of users engaging with the content as it is more tailored to their needs.

Adding personalisation to messages can increase reaction rates fourfold.

Customers respond better to personalised messages because they feel more valued and understood by the sender of the message.

When to send SMS messages

Whilst customers are favouring convenience and multi-tasking within their busy daily lives and delivering messages to users’ mobile phone matches this customer need, there are certain times of the day that are more successful than others. Delivering messages to customers at optimum times, when they are less likely to be distracted by other tasks, will increase read rates and encourage call to actions.

Research from Ofcom shows that:

On average, people in the UK check their mobile phone every 12 minutes of the waking day.

40% of adults first look at their phone within five minutes of waking up and 37% five minutes before going to sleep.

Different research data shows discrepancies in optimum delivery times, however there is a consensus that the early mornings and late evenings are most successful.

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