Supporting your transformation programme

Key benefits of our annual partnership package

Through annual membership to our partnership you will receive an agreed number of days project work from the team plus free places on our training and development courses, access to all our research and shared learning, monthly e-newsletters and quarterly networking meetings.

The team will assist you with your transformation projects to an agreed number of days. These could cover user research and user testing, website redesign, redesigning business processes, reviewing services, training, etc.

We offer free places on our training and development courses covering:-

  • User research at the discovery phase
  • User testing to improve website usability
  • Capturing and redesigning business processes
  • Nudging customers into action using behaviour change techniques
  • Working in an agile way
  • Making effective use of data
  • Improving website accessibility
  • Creating good content
  • Google analytics

For non-partners, we are happy to provide a quote for places on any of our courses.

Partners can benefit from the best practice research we undertake within the partnership. By identifying the best digital solution through extensive research, each partner organisation benefits from the shared learning.

Quarterly networking meetings allow partners to showcase their projects helping them work collaboratively. These meetings also feature external a speakers from a range of different organisations or local authorities who demonstrate how they have implemented solutions to meet their transformation objectives.

Our partners receive regular newsletters and communication from the team. This allows partners to keep a track on what projects SDS are working on and what projects other Local Authorities within the partnership are focusing on.

Pay as you go projects

We are also very happy to work with any local authority or other public sector organisation on a variety of transformation projects and can provide competitive quotes for this support.