Case Studies

Bin Collections User Testing

After the launch of its new website, Thanet District Council brough the team in to conduct some user testing in order to find areas of improvement.

Thanet District Council wanted to explore how its new website was performing for its residents and, in the spirit of evolving and improving, search for any further advances that could be made.

The Smarter Digital Services team was asked to conduct user research and discover how easy or difficult it was for users to find information relating to bin collection days.

We held one-to-one user testing sessions with five local residents and asked each of them to use the website in order to find out on which day their bins and recycling would be collected.

As opposed to providing our users with a fictitious property address, we asked each user to use their own address, with the aim of sustaining a natural cadence throughout their journey. This also helped with the affirmation of collection dates.

During the sessions, we recorded the users on-screen movements, facial expressions and audio commentary to document the experience. The sessions were then analysed and a usability report was produced and submitted to Thanet District Council.

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